10 Jan Profile: Takato Yamamoto

The Decadent Empire recently stumbled upon the work of artist Takato Yamamoto. His illustrations are in a style similar to 17th and 18th century Japanese ukiyo-e woodblock prints. Filled with themes of death, love, bondage and vampires, Yamamoto’s work is erotically charged. I would go so far as to say that it’s almost spiritual. Yamamoto uses a lot of deconstructed anatomy: floating eyeballs, rearranged body parts, and severed heads. Veins and muscles are swirled and twisted into intricately layered and hypnotic patterns. Yamamoto creates images that one would expect to be disturbing, but honestly, you get so lost in the beauty of it all that you almost don’t see the subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) violent undertones. It’s mesmerizing. We are officially obsessed.


TakatoYamamoto01 TakatoYamamoto02 TakatoYamamoto03

Sherri McConaghy
[email protected]

Sherri is an Art Director and Graphic Designer currently living in the New York City area. Together with her husband, Stuart, she was the creative director for TAPE magazine.

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