31 Dec FLASHBACK: Alexander McQueen – VOSS, Spring Summer 2001

Back at the start of the Millennium, Alexander McQueen took some great potshots at the fashion press for tearing up his previous collections. Not only did he make them wait several hours before starting the show, he made them stare at themselves in giant two-way mirrors which enclosed the runway in its entirety as well. When the house lights finally went off, no one could have been prepared for what was going to happen next: out of Alexander McQueen’s mind sprang a fashion show so epic, we still talk about it in superlatives almost 16 years later. But enough of my babbling. Just watch it. Unfortunately, there is no sound to this video, but put on your own favorite edgy music and lean back. Some NSFW moments included, so make sure the boss is out of the office!

Stuart McConaghy
[email protected]

Stuart is a fashion photographer, stylist and writer based in New York. He is the former editor-in-chief of TAPE magazine, and has contributed to a plethora of international magazines too numerous to mention.

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