Sarah Burton continued to unveil her vision for the future of Alexander McQueen with her Fall/Winter 2015 collection during London Collections: Men. All the ingredients are there: Patterns and prints, and that trademark, unmistakeable McQueen silhouette are evident throughout the line, and one would be hard pressed to find any details that Lee would have done different. I’m a huge supporter of Sarah’s work for Alexander McQueen, and I believe she’ll continue to go from strength to strength with every season.


Alexander-McQueen_fw15_de1 Alexander-McQueen_fw15_de2 Alexander-McQueen_fw15_de3 Alexander-McQueen_fw15_de4 Alexander-McQueen_fw15_de5 Alexander-McQueen_fw15_de6 Alexander-McQueen_fw15_de7 Alexander-McQueen_fw15_de8 Alexander-McQueen_fw15_de9 Alexander-McQueen_fw15_de10 Alexander-McQueen_fw15_de11 Alexander-McQueen_fw15_de12 Alexander-McQueen_fw15_de13 Alexander-McQueen_fw15_de14 Alexander-McQueen_fw15_de15 Alexander-McQueen_fw15_de16 Alexander-McQueen_fw15_de17 Alexander-McQueen_fw15_de18 Alexander-McQueen_fw15_de19 Alexander-McQueen_fw15_de20 Alexander-McQueen_fw15_de21 Alexander-McQueen_fw15_de22 Alexander-McQueen_fw15_de23 Alexander-McQueen_fw15_de24 Alexander-McQueen_fw15_de25 Alexander-McQueen_fw15_de26 Alexander-McQueen_fw15_de27 Alexander-McQueen_fw15_de28 Alexander-McQueen_fw15_de29 Alexander-McQueen_fw15_de30 Alexander-McQueen_fw15_de31 Alexander-McQueen_fw15_de32

Stuart McConaghy
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Stuart is a fashion photographer, stylist and writer based in New York. He is the former editor-in-chief of TAPE magazine, and has contributed to a plethora of international magazines too numerous to mention.

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