KTZ presented its Fall/Winter 2015 collection during London Collections: Mens, a collection filled with an abundance of texture and form, from oversized furry jackets and pants to what looked like neoprene scuba-fetish gear. I was taken by those oversized zippers that I swear I saw at raves in the early 1990s, but am quite pleased to see making a comeback! Safe is definitely not the word to use to describe this collection, and I find myself wondering how I would look with an oversized bowler.

KTZ_fw15_de1 KTZ_fw15_de2 KTZ_fw15_de3 KTZ_fw15_de4 KTZ_fw15_de5 KTZ_fw15_de6 KTZ_fw15_de7 KTZ_fw15_de8 KTZ_fw15_de9 KTZ_fw15_de10 KTZ_fw15_de11 KTZ_fw15_de12 KTZ_fw15_de13 KTZ_fw15_de14 KTZ_fw15_de15 KTZ_fw15_de16 KTZ_fw15_de17 KTZ_fw15_de18 KTZ_fw15_de19 KTZ_fw15_de20 KTZ_fw15_de21 KTZ_fw15_de22 KTZ_fw15_de23 KTZ_fw15_de24 KTZ_fw15_de25 KTZ_fw15_de26 KTZ_fw15_de27 KTZ_fw15_de28 KTZ_fw15_de29 KTZ_fw15_de30 KTZ_fw15_de31 KTZ_fw15_de32 KTZ_fw15_de33 KTZ_fw15_de34 KTZ_fw15_de35 KTZ_fw15_de36 KTZ_fw15_de37 KTZ_fw15_de38 KTZ_fw15_de39 KTZ_fw15_de40 KTZ_fw15_de41 KTZ_fw15_de42 KTZ_fw15_de43 KTZ_fw15_de44 KTZ_fw15_de45 KTZ_fw15_de46 KTZ_fw15_de47 KTZ_fw15_de48


Stuart McConaghy
[email protected]

Stuart is a fashion photographer, stylist and writer based in New York. He is the former editor-in-chief of TAPE magazine, and has contributed to a plethora of international magazines too numerous to mention.

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