What can we say about NOT JUST A LABEL? It is an unbelievable treasure trove of more than 16,000 (!) new and upcoming designers and labels from all across the globe. There are countless new looks and accessories to admire and the newest collections from so many emerging designers, it’s almost impossible to keep up with everything. Oh, and there’s the fashion films, something we’re both really into. With so much talent under one virtual roof, one hardly knows where to start browsing. We have to admit, we’re huge fans of NOT JUST A LABEL, and damn it all, we’re so tempted to blow paycheck upon paycheck on incredible designs here. It’s quickly become one of our favorite websites to visit over and over again.

The concept is simple: find the best emerging design talent in the world of fashion and nurture them by offering a platform that combines a virtual showroom with a revolutionary online store. Designers can now directly interface with their clients, and buying bespoke, one of a kind garments becomes as simple as buying a book from Amazon. And it doesn’t end here. NOT JUST A LABEL is also engaging with manufacturers worldwide to increase the drive to sustainable fashion. Slow fashion is the antithesis of the typical fast-changing pace of commercialized fashion, and sustainability is going to become even more important over the next few years.

Beyond that, NOT JUST A LABEL offers an incredible way to discover new designers, and here at The Decadent Empire we’re big on supporting independent fashion labels and lone wolves.

We dare you to take a look around. Just hide the credit cards, first. Or don’t, if you’re feeling adventurous.

Stuart McConaghy
[email protected]

Stuart is a fashion photographer, stylist and writer based in New York. He is the former editor-in-chief of TAPE magazine, and has contributed to a plethora of international magazines too numerous to mention.

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