03 Mar NYFW – Asher Levine FW2015

We here at The Decadent Empire were fortunate enough to see a presentation of Asher Levine’s latest collection up close and personal. As much as I love runway shows, I almost prefer presentations like this. I mean, with a runway show, the clothes whiz by you so fast, you barely have time to see them. A presentation is so much more intimate and you can actually take the time to appreciate the work and love that go into a collection.

I love Asher Levine. Really. I do. He never disappoints. Needless to say, I was super excited to see his collection. We were able to actually meet the designer himself. What a sweetie! His work is so progressive. It’s avant garde yet totally wearable. What I really love about Asher Levine is his attention to detail. To see the details up close was such a joy for me. Each piece was on a hanger suspended from the ceiling with fishing line, so as I walked around it, the piece moved. It was kind of interactive in a way.

There was a black jacket with a structured, almost sculpted collar that I totally fell in love with. And then there was this one outfit on a mannequin that really intrigued me. It was a coat with a shawl collar and the material was manipulated in such a way to create this texture or pattern that kind of made me think of eyes. And in the center of some of these eye shapes was a black jewel. I must have walked around that coat at least half a dozen times. I would so rock that coat.

Asher also had some amazing accessories on display: wallets, luggage tag, cell phone case. All black and set on white shelves against a white wall; they were stunning. They had this really cool texture. Absolutely beautiful. The pictures don’t do them justice, that’s for sure.

DE-Asher-Levine-FW15-1 DE-Asher-Levine-FW15-2 DE-Asher-Levine-FW15-3 DE-Asher-Levine-FW15-5 DE-Asher-Levine-FW15-6 DE-Asher-Levine-FW15-10 DE-Asher-Levine-FW15-12 DE-Asher-Levine-FW15-13 DE-Asher-Levine-FW15-14 DE-Asher-Levine-FW15-16 DE-Asher-Levine-FW15-9 DE-Asher-Levine-FW15-19


Sherri McConaghy
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Sherri is an Art Director and Graphic Designer currently living in the New York City area. Together with her husband, Stuart, she was the creative director for TAPE magazine.

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