26 Jan Paris Fashion Week: Givenchy

Ricardo Tisci pulled no punches for his Fall/Winter 2015 show for Givenchy. His show was sprinkled with the sort of innovative makeup looks that renowned makeup artist Pat McGrath is famous for. Apparently some of the models spent up to 8 hours in the makeup chair for this show! And what an incredible show it was: elegant blacks meet Southwestern-inspired prints, makeup and hair styling reminiscent of the 1920s, occasionally interrupted by models looking straight out of some kind of unspeakable horror. And the masks were there, those now amazing, trademark Givenchy masks, this time adorned with what looked like a cockleshell beard. Anyway, I particularly loved the suits, suits incorporating pinstripes in a way that refreshingly doesn’t look like a middle-aged corporate lawyer, and some solid blacks that look so threatening. Or maybe it was the fact that the model had a big white voodoo skull painted on his face?

By the way, we’ve seen glimpses of unfinished edges as well as black-on-red and red-on-black piping in several designer’s collections this year. Twice is a coincidence, three or more times is a trend.

Givenchy0032 Givenchy0045 Givenchy0061 Givenchy0072 Givenchy0083 Givenchy0095 Givenchy0110 Givenchy0123 Givenchy0135 Givenchy0160 Givenchy0191 Givenchy0191 Givenchy0210 Givenchy0221 Givenchy0232 Givenchy0242 Givenchy0295 Givenchy0306 Givenchy0332 Givenchy0619 Givenchy0704 Givenchy0736 Givenchy0752 Givenchy0811 Givenchy0869 Givenchy0843

Photos: Monica Feudi/

Stuart McConaghy
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Stuart is a fashion photographer, stylist and writer based in New York. He is the former editor-in-chief of TAPE magazine, and has contributed to a plethora of international magazines too numerous to mention.

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